4 More Reasons to Send Your Team to Industry Conferences Instead of Trade Shows

For companies, allowing their employees to take time off from work to attend conferences, gain confidence in their ability, and bring fresh ideas back to the office, is just an investment in their own business. Attending a conference isn't all about networking, and personal and career development. Employees have to share what they have learned from the conference. They just can’t keep all the content to themselves. The top takeaways for your employees attending a conference:

1.  Learn
This is the primary motivation for most people who attend conferences. One should be thoughtful and choosy about which sessions you commit to. Look through the agenda and pick the most relevant ones. If a session doesn't meet your expectations then leave it and move on to another session. You paid to be there and need to make the most of it. So get up and get what you need.

2. Network
Companies would like their employees to get to know and meet new people who work in the same industry. Conferences allow incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging to happen. Meetings with industry experts and suitable vendors can facilitate potential recruits and deal closures on the spot.

3. Content
Companies expect employees to bring back relevant content to display on social media and online platforms. By being part of the conference buzz, companies get their names noticed and recognized as thought leaders.

4. Share
Employees who attend a conference get to learn and network and create content. But, to truly make it valuable and benefit from the good stuff, they should bring it all back and share it with peers who could not attend the conference. And, giving the sense of responsibility of bringing back valuable stuff to share with others encourages your team to actively participate and be engaged during the conference.

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