About TM Forum

TMForum_logoTM Forum is the global member association for digital business. We provide a platform for hundreds of global members across a wide range of industries – communications, technology, cities and municipal government, finance, healthcare, and so on –  to collaborate and partner to co-create, prototype, deliver, and monetize innovative digital services for their billions of customers.

Our vision is to drive the next wave of digital business growth – the digitization of every industry – by providing a common innovation platform to connect businesses, industries, and ecosystems. We do this is in a highly practical and agile way through collaboration programs and communities which lead to rapid prototypes – ranging from digital business models to open APIs – that have real world commercial applications. Complementing our collaboration programs, the Forum provides thought-provoking digital business research and publications, industrybest practices and standards along with training programs to accelerate adoption, and events and workshops which connect top business & IT leaders to learn, network, and develop meaningful partnerships.

For more information, visit the TM Forum web page at https://www.tmforum.org.