Speaker List

Don't miss our acclaimed list of speakers from some of the largest telecom providers and manufacturers.

Keynote Speakers

Executive Speakers

  • Brenda Boehm
    Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Vice President, Technology & Products, TIA
  • Kenneth Dilbeck
    VP Collaboration R&D, TM Forum
  • Barrie Hall
    Senior Vice President - Fulfillment, Fujitsu Network Communications
  • Hannah Kain
    President and CEO, ALOM

Panel Speakers

  • Stephen Bernard
    Senior Sustainability Manager - Supply Chain Citizenship & Sustainability, AT&T
  • Annie Bevan
    Sustainability Projects Manager, Superior Essex International
  • Tony Bieniek
    Manager - Access Test and Certification, CenturyLink, Inc.
  • Marion Bize
    Manager, Services Quality and Process Engineering, Fujitsu Network Communications