Agenda At-A-Glance

  • Monday, 18 September: Executive Board Meeting (by invitation only), Small Business Think Tank & TL 9000 Roadmap
  • Tuesday, 19 September: Service Providers & Suppliers Summit (Day 1), followed by Networking Reception and Recognition Ceremony
  • Wednesday, 20 September: Service Providers & Suppliers Summit (Day 2)
  • Thursday, 21 September: Work Group Meetings (IGQ, Oversight, GBE, Wireless Handsets)
  • Friday, 22 September: Work Group Meeting (NFV)

2017 Detailed Conference Agenda

Dress is business casual for all activities unless noted.

Monday 18 September 2017
Executive Board and Small Business
8:00 TL 9000 Roadmap (by Invitation Only)
11:00 Small Business Think Tank (by Invitation Only)
12:15 Small Business Luncheon - presentation: "Embedded, Accelerated, Cognitive. Technology Transformation Wreaks Havoc on Products, Supply Chain and Companies", Hannah Kain, CEO, ALOM (Open to All Attendees)
13:30 Executive Board Meeting (by Invitation Only)
18:00 Speaker's Rehearsal
18:30 Executive Board Dinner (by Invitation Only)

Hosted by the Americas Region

Conference DAY 1 Tuesday 19 September 2017
7:00 Registration & Breakfast
7:45 General Session Housekeeping and EventMobi Demo
8:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks: Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer, NOKIA and QuEST Forum 2017 Executive Board Chair; and "2020 Vision Update", Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
8:30 Keynote Presentation: "Zero Touch Service Assurance",  Sankaran Ramanathan, Executive Director, Network Support Systems, Verizon Wireless and QuEST Forum Executive Board Chair Emeritus
9:00 Executive Presentation: "Adopting a Factory Mindset to Achieve Operational Excellence in the Field", Barrie Hall, Senior Vice President - Fulfillment, Fujitsu Network Communications
9:30 Executive Presentation: "Driving Transformation through QuEST Forum Best Practices", Rachel Kutz, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Global Supply Chain, AT&T
10:00 Morning Break
Sustainability Panel Discussion
10:30 Presentation: "AT&T Supply Chain Sustainability – Engaging Suppliers for Improved and Sustainable Performance", Stephen Bernard, Senior Sustainability Manager, AT&T
Presentation: "Where We Are and Where We're Going: Trials and Tribulations within a Sustainable Supply Chain", Annie Bevan, Sustainability Projects Manager, Superior Essex International
Presentation: "Freeing the Value Through Circularity", Mark Stevens, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, Ciena
Panelist:  Shiloh Coleman, Chief Operating Officer, Sector Supply and QuEST Forum Executive Board General Counsel

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12:00 Lunch - provided for all attendees
13:30 Keynote Presentation: "CTO Update and QuEST Forum Business Development",  Ken Koffman, CTO, QuEST Forum
14:00 CB Panel Discussion: "The Clock is Ticking…Are You Ready to Transition?", Lori Gillespie, ANAB; Lisa Brandon, DQS; Rick Hill, NQA; David Shields, DNV;  Moderated by: Karen Rawson, The DESARA Group

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15:00 Afternoon Break
 15:30 Networks of the Future Development Process Improvement
"Business Analysis Framework for Software Defined Networks' Proof of Concepts", Puja Shah, Infosys Ltd. "Adopting Agile with Continuous Delivery for Faster Field Deployments", Kent Darzi, ADTRAN; Tony Bieniek, CenturyLink
"Service Assurance for 5G Networks and Edge Computing", Travis Newhouse, Juniper Networks "New Wine in Old Bottles: Agile Software Development and TL 9000", Rick Hill, NQA (National Quality Assurance)
"Operationalizing NFV - Ecosystem Paradigm Shift", Greg Greco, KGPCo "Agile Methodologies and How it Impacts TL 9000", Ujwala Sindgikar, Wipro Limited
17:00 Conference Close Day One: Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
17:30 Networking Reception
18:30 Recognition Ceremony
19:00 Dinner on your own

Hosted by the Americas Region

Conference DAY 2 Wednesday 20 September 2017
7:00 Registration & Breakfast
7:55 Reconvene and Welcome
8:00 Keynote Presentation: "Assuring Performance and Quality of Virtualized Networks", Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum; and Tim Doolittle, Director, IP Network and Systems, CenturyLink
8:30 Executive Presentation: "Network Management Evolution", Todd Miller, Vice President of Infrastructure Operations, CenturyLink and QuEST Forum Executive Board Vice Chair
9:00 Executive Presentation: "New Findings from WCX Project Work", Hans Jürgen Schmolke, CEO, Metrinomics GmbH; and Rikard Lundqvist, Vice President of Technology, P3 Communications
9:30 Executive Presentation: "User Centric IOT - Value is Created in the Eye of the User", Maciej Lebedowicz, Head of Solutions Management, Metrinomics GmbH; and Hans Jürgen Schmolke, CEO, Metrinomics GmbH
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Keynote Presentation:  “Accelerating Connectivity in a Changing ICT Landscape", Wesley Johnston, CEO, TIA
11:00 Executive Presentation: "Driving Network Assurance for Networks in Transformation", Brenda Boehm, Chief Strategy Officer, TIA
11:30 Executive Presentation: "Security and Privacy of Big Data - A NIST Perspective", Dr. Arnab Roy, Research Manager, Fujitsu Laboratories of America
12:00 Lunch provided
13:30 Executive Speaker: "Challenges of VNF Procurement and Onboarding", Ken Dilbeck, VP of Collaboration R&D, TM Forum
14:00 Executive Speaker:  "Readying the Digital Workforce", Susan Schramm, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President, Membership, TIA
14:30 Afternoon Break - for all attendees
 15:00 Measuring Customer Experience Best Practices for Ensuring Life Cycle Quality in the Network
"Measuring Customer Advocacy – Transactional or Relationship Surveys?", Marion Bize, Fujitsu Network Communications "Implementing Product Robustness Program Towards Resilient Products in Networks", Aparna Ganesh, Nokia
"Customer Satisfaction Using Integrated Standards and Frameworks", R.Venkatakrishnan, Wipro Limited "Communicate with Partners to Prevent the Cost of Poor Quality", Yasushi Kojima, Chuo Engineering
"The Role of Advanced Analytics in Quality, Customer Experiences & Beyond", Mani Vannan, AnalyticsWise Inc. "Profiling Methods for Customer Issues & Returns", John Latimer, Xilinx Corporation
16:30 Conference Close: Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
17:00 Networking Event - Cash bar
Thursday 21 September 2017
8:00 Work Group Meetings: IGQ and Wireless Handsets - conclude at noon
13:00 Work Group Meetings: Oversight and GBE - conclude at 17:00
Friday 22 September 2017
8:00 Work Group Meeting: NFV - concludes at 15:00