Agenda At-A-Glance

  • Monday, 18 September: Executive Board Meeting (by invitation only), Small Business Think Tank & TL 9000 Roadmap
  • Tuesday, 19 September: Service Providers & Suppliers Summit (Day 1), followed by Networking Reception and Recognition Ceremony
  • Wednesday, 20 September: Service Providers & Suppliers Summit (Day 2)
  • Thursday, 21 September: Work Group Meetings (IGQ, Oversight, GBE, Wireless Handsets);  Workshop: "ISO 50001 Implementation Training"
  • Friday, 22 September: Work Group Meeting (NFV); Workshop: "ISO 50001 Implementation Training"

2017 Detailed Conference Agenda

Dress is business casual for all activities unless noted.

Monday 18 September 2017
Executive Board and Small Business
8:00 TL9000 Roadmap
11:00 Small Business Think Tank (by Invitation Only)
12:15 Small Business Luncheon - presentation by Hannah Kain, CEO, ALOM (Open to Attendees)
13:30 Executive Board Meeting (by Invitation Only)
17:30 C-Level Networking Reception (by Invitation Only)
18:00 C-Level Focus Group (by Invitation Only)
19:30 Executive Board Dinner (by Invitation Only)

Hosted by the Americas Region

Conference DAY 1 Tuesday 19 September 2017
7:00 Registration & Breakfast
8:00 General Session Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:15 Keynote Presentation: Sankaran Ramanathan, Executive Director, Network Support Systems, Verizon Wireless and QuEST Forum Executive Board Chair Emeritus
9:00 Executive Presentation: "Adopting a Factory Mindset to Achieve Operational Excellence in the Field", Barrie Hall, Senior Vice President - Fulfillment, Fujitsu Network Communications
9:30 Executive Presentation: Rachel Kutz, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Global Supply Chain, AT&T
10:00 Morning Break
Sustainability Panel Discussion
10:30 Presentation: "Project OSPREY (On-Site Power Optimization and Energy Efficiency Module)", Bob Boyle, Energy Sourcing COE / Lead, AT&T Technology & Operations
11:00 Presentation: "AT&T Supply Chain Sustainability – Engaging Suppliers for Improved and Sustainable Performance", Stephen Bernard, Senior Sustainability Manager, AT&T
11:30 TBD
12:00 Lunch - provided for all attendees
13:30 Keynote Presentation: Ken Koffman, CTO, QuEST Forum
14:00 CB Panel Discussion: "The Clock is Ticking…Are You Ready to Transition?", Lisa Brandon, DQS; Linda Feaster, LRQA; Lori Gillespie, ANAB; Rick Hill, NQA; Dave Shields, DNV;  Moderated by: Karen Rawson, The DESARA Group

Have questions for this panel? Submit them below for advance consideration.

15:00 Afternoon Break
Networks of the Future Development Process Improvement
15:30 "Business Analysis Framework for Software Defined Networks' Proof of Concepts", Puja Shah, Infosys Ltd. "Adopting Agile with Continuous Delivery for Faster Field Deployments", Kent Darzi, ADTRAN; Tony Bieniek, CenturyLink; Warren Novak, CenturyLink
16:00 "Service Assurance for 5G Networks and Edge Computing", Sumeet Singh, Juniper Networks "New Wine in Old Bottles: Agile Software Development and TL 9000", Rick Hill, NQA (National Quality Assurance)
16:00 TBD "Agile Methodologies and How it Impacts TL 9000", Ujwala Sindgikar, Wipro Limited
17:00 Conference Close Day One: Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
17:30 Networking Reception
18:30 Recognition Ceremony
19:00 Dinner on your own

Hosted by the Americas Region

Conference DAY 2 Wednesday 20 September 2017
7:00 Registration & Breakfast
7:55 Reconvene and Welcome
8:00 Keynote Presentation: "Assuring Performance and Quality of Virtualized Networks", Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum; and Tim Dolittle, Director, IP Network and Systems, CenturyLink
8:30 Executive Presentation: "New Findings from WCX Project Work", Hans Jürgen Schmolke, CEO, Metrinomics GmbH
9:00 Executive Presentation: "Expanding WCX Concept into the IOT Space", Michael Schwab, Vice President, Radio Access Engineering, P3 Group; and Maciej Lebedowicz, Product Development Director, Metrinomics GmbH
9:30 Executive Presentation: "Security and Privacy of Big Data - A NIST Perspective", Dr. Arnab Roy, Research Manager, Fujitsu Laboratories of America
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Keynote Presentation: TIA - TBD
11:00 TBD
11:30 TBD
12:00 Lunch provided
Measuring Customer Experience Best Practices for Ensuring Life Cycle Quality in the Network
13:30 "Measuring Customer Advocacy – Transactional or Relationship Surveys?", Marion Bize, Fujitsu Network Communications "Implementing Product Robustness Program Towards Resilient Products in Networks", Aparna Ganesh, Nokia
14:00 "Customer Satisfaction Using Integrated Standards and Frameworks", R.Venkatakrishnan, Wipro Limited "Communicate with Partners to Prevent the Cost of Poor Quality", Yasushi Kojima, Chuo Engineering
14:30 TBD "Profiling Methods for Customer Issues & Returns", John Latimer, Xilinx Corporation
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 TBD
16:00 TBD
16:30 Conference Close: Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
17:00 Networking Event - TBD
Thursday 21 September 2017
8:00 Work Group Meetings: IGQ and Wireless Handsets - conclude at noon
8:00 Workshop: "ISO 50001 Implementation Training" - concludes at 17:00 (Additional Fee of $929)
12:00 Work Group Meetings: Oversight and GBE - conclude at 17:00
Friday 22 September 2017
8:00 Work Group Meeting: NFV - concludes at 15:00
8:00 Workshop: "ISO 50001 Implementation Training" - concludes at noon