ISO 27001 Training

ISO 27001 Training

Information security breaches are in the news almost every day, does your company have the security practices in place to help prevent you from becoming the next headline?

This 1½ day course will help you understand the International Standard ISO 27001. At its completion, you will walk away with a basic understanding of the techniques it endorses to help greatly improve your organization’s information security posture.

  • Day 1: Get an overview of the ISO 27001 requirements, which will help you understand what you need to do in order to get certified, or just take tips away that will help you improve your security practices without taking the extra step of certification. Learn how to identify your information assets, how to perform a gap assessment so you can see how much work is involved in getting ‘certification ready’ and get an overview of the various practices that help measure, monitor, and improve your information security.
  • Day 2 (½ day): See a timeline and schedule of the activities that are typically required to become ISO 27001 certified. This, combined with the gap analysis from Day 1, will give a good idea of the effort that will be involved in moving towards ‘state of the practice’ information security.

Registration for the day and a half long course is $929 and includes all printed materials and training.

Limited seating is available.

For assistance registering, please contact Donna Reed at 972-423-0679 or

*We hope you take advance of this training course as part of the Americas Service Providers and Suppliers Summit.

If you are not able to attend this year’s conference, it is possible to register for this course by selecting your attendance as “Work Groups or Workshop only”.