Networking at a QuEST Forum Conference: A Better Value Than Attending a Trade Show


Networking at Trade Shows typically helps companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services to the right buyers, study activities of competitors, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Here, networking is often defined as “rushing into a bustling crowd and trying to make small talk for business.”

Networking at industry Conferences, on the other hand, offer learning and career building opportunities that are incomparable. The 2016 Service Providers Summit provides an all-in-one place to attend expert-led sessions and collaborate and network with suppliers, service providers, like-minded peers and thought leaders of your trade. QuEST Forum realizes how much our attendees value our networking opportunities so we make sure to provide plenty of time to make new connections. Build new business connections, catch up with peers and acquaintances and, learn and sharpen your professional skills.

This event will attract a wide range of stakeholders from the ICT community including certification bodies and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to collaborate and discuss industry’s most pressing supply chain questions related to ICT network deployment and management.

Below are various reasons why you should constantly seek these educational training opportunities to enhance your career.


1. Meet Industry Leaders, Experts & Influencers Face-to-Face
Conferences offer you a great chance to meet your business idols, influencers and mentors that you always aspired for. Such opportunities are never available with online meetings and summits.

2. Hone your Skills
Take a break from your routine and monotonous job and return from a conference with fresh ideas and approaches that will make you more effective and efficient at work.

3. Network, Network, Network!
Get together and socialize, form new relationships, connect with the perfect provider or prospect, and strengthen existing ones. Don’t get left behind. Your absence from a conference allows your competitors to grab and benefit from your lost opportunities.

4. Learn about New Tools and Apps
Companies often display innovative tools and applications that people haven’t seen yet. Though these products may be found at their websites, it’s a good opportunity to get a hands-on demonstration or be able to get your queries answered by the company itself.

5. Learn In a New Space
Off site business meetings help you to get out of your routine and comfort zone. They infuse new ideas and fresh thinking, and introduce different perspectives and approaches that will help grow businesses.

6. Learn New Tips & Tactics
Good conferences will provide exposure to new ideas and techniques to help improve your approach. A lot of information and data is available on the web but conferences help sieve through the available content and present only what is useful and relevant for the attendees to know.

7. Learn What Worked From Others
Conferences help one learn from others’ experiences with real-life examples of similar situations, challenges and how to address them. The information and solutions you learn might benefit your business too.

8. Leverage the Energy of Like-Minded Individuals
The energy of like-minded people who have taken out time to learn new things, improve their skills and take back the learning to share with their colleagues is second to none. Such energy is missing from all online learning platforms, regardless of much buzz around a topic.

9. Benefit from Workshops
Conferences organize some of the best workshops and presentations that may be rare to find online. Random workshops like on improving your memory, current trends, and innovative business techniques may change the way you do your business.

10. Invest In Your Personal Development
Attending a conference is investing in yourself to sharpen your skills, your career, and improve your performance at work. So it’s all about your own growth prospects.

11. Return with Takeaways
Conferences may seem expensive with all the expenditure on logistics, meals, and lost working hours. However, they are a unique amalgamation of networking, learning, and having fun. A good conference compels you to grow and challenge yourself.


For companies, allowing their employees to take time off from work to attend conferences, gain confidence in their ability, and bring fresh ideas back to the office, is just an investment in their own business. Attending a conference isn't all about networking, and personal and career development. Employees have to share what they have learnt from the conference. They just can’t keep all the content to themselves. The top takeaways for your employees attending a conference:

1.  Learn
This is the primary motivation for most people who attend conferences. One should be thoughtful and choosy about which sessions you commit to. Look through the agenda and pick the most relevant ones. If a session doesn't meet your expectations then leave it and move on to another session. You paid to be there and need to make the most of it. So get up and get what you need.

2. Network
Companies would like their employees to get to know and meet new people who work in the same industry. Conferences allow incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging to happen. Meetings with industry experts and suitable vendors can facilitate potential recruitments and deal closures on the spot.

3. Content
Companies expect employees to bring back relevant content to display on social media and online platforms. By being part of the conference buzz, companies get their names noticed and recognized as thought leaders.

4. Share
Employees who attend a conference get to learn and network and create content. But, to truly make it valuable and benefit from the good stuff, they should bring it all back and share it with peers who could not attend the conference. And, giving the sense of responsibility of bringing back valuable stuff to share with others encourages your team to actively participate and be engaged during the conference.

We hope you are convinced to attend or send your team to QuEST Forum’s Service Providers Summit. This is truly a unique opportunity to provide exclusive information and training opportunities that you simply won’t find elsewhere! Explore the event website for a glimpse of the agenda, speakers, companies to attend and more. Register and confirm your attendance today!

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