QuEST Sustainability Awards 2017

Submissions are now being accepted for QuEST Forum's Annual Sustainability Awards. These awards were created to promote, encourage and honor the efforts of those serving as role models in fields of sustainability.The QuEST Sustainability Awards also serve as a great way to gain notoriety for your organization's participation and achievements in Corporate Sustainability. Last year's recipients were highlighted in Times Square! Imagine the exposure!

This year, will be especially exciting as we will be selecting one winner from each of the six pathways and presenting an award to the company with the highest score in each.To be eligible, contestants must be registered users of the QuEST Sustainability Assessor and have a completed assessment available for submission. To voluntarily opt in, simply select the "Sustainability Awards" button at the end of your online assessment.

Eligibility for participation requires all submissions to be entered by 31 August 2017. Winners will be announced to an audience of industry leaders and peers on 18 September in Dallas, TX during our Americas Service Providers and Suppliers Summit.

Should you have any questions or need any additional support, please contact us for assistance.

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About QuEST Sustainability Assessor

The ultimate goal of QuEST Sustainability Assessor is to empower companies with the ability to create an environmentally friendly strategy that considers every dimension of how a business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment. Long term, it creates both consumer and employee value.

QuEST Sustainability Assessor, accessible via any browser, walks you through a series of questions that will guide you to a solution based on corporate priorities, educating you along the way. The resulting output includes a prioritized action plan that can be tracked over time. By implementing this plan, you can expect to:

• Reduce CSR and supply chain risk

• Reduced costs and increased profitability through reduced resource consumption, increased worker productivity, reduced quality defect levels and reduced product cost.

• Increased sales by enabling product and service innovation through the application of sustainability tools and concepts such as eco-design, circular economy and end to end supply chain optimization


Participation as a contestant is voluntary, is not required. Please note that organizations choosing not to participate as a Sustainability Award contestant will not have any data accessed or compared for purposes of determining competition winners. Identities of contestants (other than winners, of course) will not be revealed by QuEST Forum.