Satyajit Doctor (“Doc”) co-founded Award Solutions in 1997 and is an irreplaceable member of the Award team. He has held many roles in the company’s 19-year history and is currently serving as President. Doc’s passion for advanced technology and delivering exceptional training programs is unmistakable and influences Award's products/ services, day-to-day operations as well as the direction of the company. Doc also personally delivers technology training for top-level executives as well as engineering teams.

Doc has 25+ years of extensive hands-on industry experience in the areas of 1G-5G wireless, telephony and data networking. He has been involved in end-to-end solutions, from the business side to the planning side to the actual design, development, and deployment of projects.

Doc’s range of expertise spans network transformation technologies such as Cloud (OpenStack), NFV, and SDN. He also has extensive expertise on network operations with technologies such as 4G LTE and emerging 5G, as well as data services such as Layer 0 through layer 3 transport networks, mobile VPNs as well as IoT. Over the years, Doc has been instrumental in the definition and design of new products and network architectures spanning 2G/3G and 4G technologies including CDMA, TDMA, GPRS, UMTS/HSPA, LTE/LTE-A as well as network operations strategies and software products. Since 2014, he has been focused on implementation of network virtualization with OpenStack, SDN, NFV and various levels of service, network and cloud orchestrations. He has participated in the system design, development and deployment of several new products and go-to market strategies.

Doc brings his vast industry experience in network operations and network architectures to his seminars. Known for his communication and teaching skills, Doc leads Award’s engagement into emerging technologies through technical, market research as well as strategic consulting projects with leading companies throughout the ecosystem (including chipset, products, tools, applications, and service providers). He regularly delivers emerging technology training seminars at global events such as Mobile World Congress.

Doc holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and patent in the communication space.