Service Assurance for 5G Networks and Edge Computing

The global rollout of 5G networks and edge computing will bring unprecedented speed and accessibility to billions of users. And, these innovations are arriving just in time for the advent of Internet of things and ubiquitous user-device-based services. All of this is driven by software applications that are developed, deployed, and iterated in lifecycles that are hundreds or thousands of times faster than anything we've seen in the legacy computing days.

What does all this mean for network designers and operators? For one, it means that the way we think about application performance monitoring must change. In the legacy days, it was fine to send an alert a few minutes after a problem was detected. In the brave new world of customer experience expectations and cloud-native applications and VNFs running in containers, seconds count. What's more, automated remediation is critical, and human oversight must be abstracted, because there are simply too many processes running and actions must be taken quickly.

In this talk, Sumeet Singh of Juniper Networks will outline how machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used to solve this problem, freeing network operators to manage the applications and services relying on their networks with intelligent software that responds in real time, not minutes. Participants in the session will leave with a practical understanding of the technology and how it can be applied in their operations.