I am now working as a consultant and QMS manager in Chuo Engineering after retirement from FUJITSU. And I also am working on QuEST Japan Hub Contributor.

I graduated WASEDA Univ. Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering and started to join FUJITSU Transmission Group in 1979. I designed marine transmission undersea units and outside cabinet system for NTT and BOC.

I worked at Fujitsu Network Communications, Richardson, TX for US Network service business as a responsible, during 1999-2005. I led Network service team and also component quality selection team.

In 2005, I returned to Fujitsu Japan and played Global Quality Officer. And at that time I worked GR-78 revised WG with FNC members.

I worked on QuEST Executive Board Director in 2009-2011 and continued Executive Board Contributor and APAC Co-Chair until 2013.

I retired FUJITSU in 2013.